Services Provided by Contractor Accountants

Contractor accountants perform several services. People who wish to become contractors enjoy work-life balance and boost their earnings; however, it can take time to keep track, manage their finances, and pay the required taxes. This is why contractors hire accountants because of their expert services, which minimizes administration required on their part. These contractors also try to focus more on contract work instead of managing the taxation part.
Up-to-Date Knowledge About the Latest and Modern Industry Legislation

Contractor accountants are highly experienced and knowledgeable in advising on tax planning and legislation matters. In addition, they are well informed about the current industry legislation and all the changes. Hiring a dedicated and well-experienced contractor accountant can avoid missing a deadline in industrial regulation; therefore, you need not worry about penalties or fines.

Specific Tax Legislation

The services of contractor accountants require them to help limited companies in the best and legally tax-efficient way. They understand how to run a contractor business and structure the capital. In addition, they offer tailored planning services and advice specific to your company or business. These experts will advise you rightly on legal matters and also help you to reimburse your expenses in certain cases. The rules related to tax legislation for contractors are quite complex and complicated, which is why a contractor accountant would require the services provided.


Contractors find it time consuming and difficult to keep track of their finance and file everything appropriately within time. In this case, IR35 Specialist Tax Accountants help you save time as their services expand to payroll invoicing and bookkeeping needs, allowing contractors to focus on their work and the contracting job only. Some of the services offered by contracted accountants are as follows

Processing payroll
VAT returns
Bookkeeping support
Assistance with HMRC correspondence
Completion of annual company accounts
Assistance with the quarterly VAT return
Registration for corporation tax
Corporation tax return
VAT Registration & Filing

Contractor accountants will help you in VAT registration and ensure that the tax for contractors is properly filed ahead of the deadline. Hiring contracted accountants will help you to save the stress and time for VAT payments without requiring you to file manually every quarter. In addition, when you have the expert assistance of a contractor accountant, you need not pay any penalty or fine that is caused due to a missed deadline.

Fixed Fees

The services of contract accountants are popular since they work on a fixed fee basis and do not charge any extra money. Contractors get expert assistance and proactive advice on tax, cash flow, and company finance, depending on the service level they choose. They offer critical accounting and filing support with the help of world-class technology. You get unparalleled support which eliminates your hassle as well as time consumption. With the help of contractor accountants, you need not make any assumptions about the amount of corporation tax that remains as you become sure about that amount and the time. They help optimize your tax and take care of your dividends, salary, investment, pension, and company expenses.